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And a flamingo in a white tree...

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

As I have said before, I have a thing for Flamingos...

Hey flock, this Trees for you.

The Flamingo...

This Flamingo was the inspiration for the whole tree. I found this incredible flamingo at Target in the kids section, on a trip of course not to buy a flamingo, isn't that how all trips to Target go. He is actually meant to hang on the wall but he was so FAB that I figured he would make a great tree topper. Of course he wasn't as Fabulous as he could be, but he reminded me of the old felt and sequin tree ornaments that Grandma made.

I figured I would get him and add my own sequins to make him have that vintage look. To attach the sequins I could have sewn them on but I went the easy rout and used glitter glue ( Yes, I take the easy rout sometimes). I used two different shades of pink sequins for the body accents and black for the eyes and beak. I followed along the natural shapes and lines already on him.

Black and white Pom Pom Picks...

Before we move on to the rest of the tree let's talk about the pom pom picks. Not only do I love Flamingos I also love Black & White everything. I found great black and white polka dot ribbon at Sams, so I wanted to also add some stripes but how? To make these great picks I used long wooden skewers from the camping section of Wal-Mart. I cut the skewers in two different lengths using wood snips. Once I had them all cut to the lengths I wanted, I then used white duct tape and covered them, then used black electrical tape to make the stripes around them. The yarn pom poms are just what they are, I glued them to the top of each skewer and BAM instant picks..

A Little Vintage mixed with a little new...

To decorate the tree I wanted to use as many old felt ornaments as I could. I searched every junk store, antique store, and Goodwill I could find, I only found about ten ornaments. So what am I to do with only ten ornaments, go and find some new ones and make them blend in by adding some sequins. I found some great reproduction knee hugger elves at Kirklands and some great felt ornaments at Target. The following pictures will show you some of them mixed with some great colored balls, ribbon, and I snuck in a few unicorns. Of course, the tree I used is from my favorite tree company Treetopia its called the Moonlight White Tinsel tree.

Flamingos, Flamingos, And more Flamingos..

This tree is in my foyer, where I also have this awesome side table with a mirror that also needed some pretties. I wanted to tie in the tree and be a little more over the top. I had white garland left over from a few years ago and I wanted to decorate it with lots of different size balls and of course more flamingos. I looked everywhere for more felt type flamingos but I couldn't find any so I went with the next best thing, Plastic Lawn Flamingos!!

For the table top, I found a few pretty great vintage items to use. The white ceramic tree was passed down from a family member. I got the table-top Santa blow mold and lantern from a local thrift and the small shiny bright boxes that still have the original balls in them came from an antique store. I ended up with wires to hide so I got some coordinating gift boxes and displayed them for that purpose. If anyone is wondering about the great table, it was actually a DIY rehab project I did several years ago.

Hope y'all enjoy my Flamingo In a White Tree. Go out and make all your whimsical dreams come to life and share them with me. Go Get Crafty Flockers!

Live happily evercrafter

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