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About The               Kingdom


Just a small town boy who had big dreams. I grew up in rural Arkansas with a mother who pushed me to be and love what I am. She was one of the most crafty ladies I have ever known, and she instilled that in to me from a very young age. I'm pretty sure I had scissors and construction paper in my hands before I could walk. She taught me the ways of the design world, taught me how to sew, and how to turn an old discarded item in to a new one of a kind masterpiece. So here I am 40 years later doing what I love..Crafting, Decorating, and Creating!

Not only do I craft, I am a huge Thrifter. I love to go to the thrift and find something that someone else didn't have a need for anymore and turn it in to something great. I love to hold in my hands something that has been seen by so many and imagine the stories behind them and where they came from and how they got here. Its the history behind the item that makes it so special.

The Evercrafter Kingdom is based in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I moved to The Red Stick (as some call it) in 2008 and have loved it as if it was my first home. The city has been good to me. Not only have I meet some great people here, I also Married my Best friend here. He has been my biggest supporter and understands my passion for all things crafty. Although he doesn't do much crafting himself, he does have some great ideas, and helps me figure out how to make them come to life. He really has been one of the best things that to happen in my life.

So Thats me, A 40 year old  small town boy who loves to craft, thrift, and create. 

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Live Happily Evercrafter

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