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Let's Get Naked, well a naked cake...

A Beautiful Faux Cake that looks good enough to eat.

Whats up Flock! I like to call myself a baker but I am far from it. The odd part is I can actually bake and I can decorate anything but when you combine the two it just doesn't work out. I can whip together a faux cake with no problem so today I baked up a Faux Naked Caked for my Easter Table. Doesn't it look good enough to eat. Let's get to makin!


Vinyl Spackling

Putty Knife

6- 6" Styrofoam rounds

1 can of Krylon Satin Leather Brown Spray Paint


Flowers to decorate the cake or something else of your choice

Wooden skewer sticks

Step One, The stack...

Layer on a real thick layer of spackle to the top of 5 of your disk. You will see in my picture that I only made my layer about 1/4" thick although it should have been closer to a 1/2" or 3/4" thick. Once you have done this you just stack them on top of each other gently pushing each layer down in to the other layers "icing" as you can see below.

If I would have added more spackle or frosting between each layer it would have given more of that buttercream feeling look.

Step 2, Optional Skewers...

I say this is optional but I do recommend it. By inserting the skewers you now have an extra layer of support to hold it all together as well a a handle for the next step. I would also suggest that you let your cake sit for an hour or so before moving on.

Step 3, Making Cake...

Take your cake outside and hold it by the handles. Lightly spray it with your spray paint. Complete the layers of the paint letting each one dry a little before the next. You will hear small popping noses coming from your cake, this comes from the paint breaking down or melting the styrofoam. This is why you need to do light coats. I used three coats of spray.

Step 4, Ice it up...

Take a large amount of spackle and apply to your cake. Remember this is a cake that has chunky looking areas of frosting and it will take several applications to get it the way you want it. You will notice some of my areas don't have much frosting at all while others it's really thick. In a few spots on the cake I just took some with my finger and shoved it on the cake in the area I wanted. Really there is no wrong way to do this step. It's all about how you want it to look. This is also the place in the project where you can take wire cutters and cut off the skewers that are sticking out.

Step 5, Ice the top...

Use the same method to apply the icing to the top as you did the sides. Smear it on, leave it thicker in some spots and barely there in others.

Let your cake dry overnight before you start to decorate it. If you try and decorate it too soon you risk the icing falling off.

Step 6, Make it pretty...

I wanted flowers to go with a theme I had going on in my head so I pulled out my big tub of flowers from my wedding and used some of them. I added them in a slight swirl pattern then almost completely covered the top. The little butterflies were added to give a little more whimsy. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

On the table and ready for display...

Here she is all gussied up and ready for the world to see. You notice the little Sugar Egg in the background, there is also a DIY for her on the blog also. Thanks for stopping by the Kingdom to get Naked with me today, lol. Hope you enjoyed your time and got a little inspired to make a naked cake for you or your family to enjoy. Stop by anytime, until next time...

Live Happily Evercrafter

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