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Conversation Heart Topiary...

Sup Flockers, lets have a conversation about hearts...


  • Large Heart Gift Box

  • Medium Heart Gift Box (from Target but not on the website)

  • Small Heart Gift Box (From Target but not on the website)

  • 24"l x 1/4 thickness Dowel Rod ( Lowes or Home Depot)

  • Something to use as a base ( I used a Valentine card box From Target)

  • Tinsel (Dollar Tree)

  • Small Heart Shape and XO (From Target in Spot's Spot, the dollar area by the front door)

  • Styrofoam, Just enough to feel your container.

Step one...

Find the center of the top and bottom of your large and medium heart boxes and mark them with a pencil. Do the same on your mail box if your using one but only on the top. On your small heart do the same but only on the bottom. You will want to take an exacto knife and cut a small circle on the areas you marked with your pencil. You only need the hole to be big enough to fit your dowel rod thru. I purchased too thick of a rod so I actually ended up making my holes using a drill bit.

Step 2...

This is only for those that are using the mail box option. If you are using the mail box, in the back there will be an opening to get your mail out . You will want to take your styrofoam and cut it to the right size to fit in the hole but still be tall enough to help hold the rod in place. This can be a little tricky but with patience it can be done. Once you get the styrofoam in try and put a little hot glue under it to hold it to the bottom. If your using a different container add your styrofoam and be sure it secure so you topiary doesn't fall over. Now that the foam is safe and in place you can either put your dowel thru the hole in the top of your box and push it all the way in or you can push it thru your styrofoam all the way to the bottom of your container if your using a different container.

Step 3...

Remove the top from your box and gently start to slide your heart down the dowel until you get them pushed all the way on. Repeat this step with your medium and small boxes. Once all the boxes are on the dowel replace your tops.

Step 4...

Now you just make it pretty by adding some embellishments. I used a little 3D heart to put in the center of the smallest heart to not only add more color but to cover up a sticker that someone had placed in the center of both of the small hearts. I also found some cute glitter hearts and chenille heart steams and some tinsel and tucked it in to the opening of the mailbox. I also Found some real cute Felt XO shapes that I glued in to the center of the large hearts. You could add some valentine cards to the mailbox opening or leave it as is so someone else could put in their own cards for you.

The finished product...

You can use these to go on your buffet or bar, maybe for each side of a door or as a gift for a teacher. The options are never-ending! Make one for your special someone or for yourself and tag me in them when you're done. I hope you all enjoyed this cheap, quick and easy DIY and thanks for stopping by The Kingdom today. Until next time...

Live Happily Evercrafter

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