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Let them eat Faux Cake...

Hey Flockers, want some cake?


Heart shaped box, I used a heart shaped box but you can use any shape you would like.

2 Tubes of caulking

Optional stencil for top The link attached is to an Etsy shop that has the same thing I used for my stencil, but I found mine at Dollar Tree. They don't seem to be available on the website anymore.

Step One...

Removing the tip of the caulk tube. This actually doesn't need a whole step but it's important to only remove just a little bit, like a quarter of an inch. Not much at all. If you remove to much your icing wont come out the right way to create your Hershey Kiss shapes.

Step 2...

To create the little Hershey Kiss shapes, put the tip of the tube against the box starting at ether the very bottom or the the center of the top. Then squeeze and pull up. As you pull up on the tube stop squeezing. This will create your peak and little curl on the top of the Hershey kiss shape. Repeat this same step all the way around the top. Once done set the top of the box to the side to dry.

Step 3...

Flip the bottom section of your box upside down and repeat the same steps to make the same shape. Create three rows making each one off set from the one before so that they look like the above the picture. Three rows should be roughly an inch in total. Once you have completed this set it to the side to dry.

Step 4...

Now that your top has dried, repeat the same process to trim the top section doing the same three rows. Three rows will cover the whole edge of the top. Making the trim this way will allow you to still be able to open the box and put stuff inside. Once it has dried you can now put your top back on your box like the above picture. You can see this doesn't need to be perfect. I have areas that you can still see a little red showing thru. It's just like life is not perfect and it is still great.

Step 5...

OK I have something to admit, I have really really bad handwriting, like a doctor's is probably better than mine. So I definitely need a stencil to do my word on top. I found these great little metal 3 pack of words at Dollar Tree. Now when I went to add the link here it was not on the site anymore so I found the same thing on Etsy so I could show you. I Placed it on the box in the position I wanted and the just traced it with a pencil. Lift it and then fill it in using the same method that you used for the rest of the icing. If you have really good handwriting i'm sure you could just free hand a little something on the top if you wanted. The picture below is how it turned out.

So that's really all there is to making this faux cake, It really is just that easy. You could always add sprinkles or some other things to the top if you would like. I decided to leave it on the simple side. If you keep watching the blog you will see this as well as a few other DIY projects all used together in one post to make a super sweet Valentine's table display. Now go make a cake of your own and show me what you do with yours. This idea would also be a really easy way to make faux birthday cakes as well. As always remember to tag me in your projects and to...

Live Happily Evercrafter

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