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Granny Does Boho

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

All things Grandma, makes for a wonderful Boho Christmas Tree

Hey Flockers, this tree is decorated with all of the things you would find hidden away at your Grandma's house. Old pom pom fringe mixed with granny squares and satin balls, doesn't it just scream I AM YOUR GRANDMA'S TREE, lol. I also wanted to add some of my own crafts to the tree so I made a really cute pom pom and straw garland. To make this garland as seen above and below you just need a bag of little felt pom poms, some cut up paper straws and string. I threaded a needle and put it threw a piece of straw and then a pom pom and on and on until I had the length I wanted, super easy and quick. A discarded afghan made for a perfect tree skirt.

Gods Eye

For the topper I made a large gods eye. I never knew what this was called or had made one, but after watching a few YouTube videos I felt like I could make one so I did, actually I ended up making five of them. The four smaller ones got tucked into the tree and the larger one became the tree topper. It helped to add more DIY items to the tree. I got some large gold branches from Micheals and cut them up to make smaller branches, then glued more pom poms on to the tips of them because I needed more picks.

Take GranD's Stuff...

Next time Grandma tries to give you her stuff, take it, put it away and keep it in case you want to do something like this tree one day. You never know what you might one day wish you would have taken when she offered. So go get Grandma's stuff and create something today. Share it with me so I can see how crafty my Flock is..

Live happily everafter

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