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I do believe in Mermaids, I do...

A Black Christmas...

Yes Flockers, that is a Black Christmas Tree...

I went into this Christmas with the idea of not using any green trees. The original idea was to use only silver trees throughout the Kingdom but when it cam time for the bedroom I wanted to take it a step further. I thought OMG I have never used a black tree for Christmas lets do that! The black tree also works great with the new bedding that is black and white. As I was looking thru tubs of decorations to get things out that I wanted for the other parts of the Kingdom when I would find something I thought would work for the black tree I would just go stick it on the tree. I continued to do this for a few weeks before I realized the tree was almost done and and just needed some filler to it to finish it up. Let's break down some of the things about this tree.

December Diamonds...

If Mermaids are real then Mermen must be real too right? This mythical world has always been something that I loved and maybe believed in to a certain extent. The myths had to start from some kind of truth right? Anyways enough of my craziness. I ran across this company called December Diamonds that create incredible Mermen ornaments as well as plus sized mermaids and fish. I knew that one day I would need them in my life. I was playing on craigslist one day and there was a listing for two of them for like $10 so I snatched them up with a quickness. A few weeks later we took a day rip to New Orleans and did tourist things and in one of the shops we went in to buy some items there was a whole display of December Diamond Mermen. So now on every trip we try and go in and buy at least one. I hope to one day do a whole tree in nothing but Mermen. Here are some of the ones we have collected over the last few years.

Major Color...

The ribbon I used on this tree came from Sam's Club. If you don't have a Sam's membership you should get one now if for nothing but the deals they have on ribbon during the holidays. They normally have about 20 to 30 different types of ribbon during the holiday season and you get 50 to a 100 yards on a roll from around $6.00, It is probably the best deal I have found on ribbon and I tend to use a ton of it. The multi-colored strip ribbon set the whole tone for this tree. I purchased it before I even had a clue as to what would be going on this black tree. I also paired it with a black and white stripe that I purchased a ton of last year. So get a Sam's Membership NOW! Thank me later.

Ornaments of many colors...

A lot of the smaller filler ornaments on this tree also came from Sam's in a box set this year. Blues, Pinks, Orange, and Greens that worked perfect with the ribbon. The set even included some vintage style indent ornaments. The banana ornaments were a luck find at Target, they fit perfect with the off beat style of the tree.

Picks Galore...

We already know I go over the top with picks, I can't help it its just how I am. There must be 100 or more picks on this tree. I found the sequin swirls in multi-color a few years ago and have used them every year since then on some project. The black and white striped ones are made from one black and one white tinsel pick twisted together to give me the look I wanted. I actually made them for a Halloween project and decided to use them again. I couldn't find the right Tree Topper so I just used lots of picks and ribbon on the top this time. Of course I found the perfect tree topper after Christmas and picked it up to have for next time. I also had a few boxes of Shiny Brite icicles in rainbow colors that I hung off of the sequin swirls to add little more whimsy.

The Adventures of the Black Tree..

In all, A black Christmas tree turned out to be a great idea. It is one of those things you never knew you needed until you have it. It's definitely out of the norm and falls right in line with The Evercrafter Kingdom style. I highly suggest you give some serious thought to getting one for yourself in the near future. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Black Christmas, If you have a black tree share some of your designs with me.

Live Happily Evercrafter

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