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2019: A christmas odyssey...

An Evercrafter take on an Atomic Christmas. What's up Flockers? I'm glad you have taken time to stop by the Kingdom today and check out my newest adventure! Hope you Enjoy!!

10 feet of silver goodness...

Trying to find an affordable silver tree is a lot harder than I thought but for this years theme it was a must have. The silver tree I ended up using is actually a DIY project. After looking for a tree that fit in my budget and the size I wanted I realized it wasn't going to happen. I figured that if I was able to combine a few trees to make one tall black tree for Halloween then why couldn't I do it for Christmas? I purchased three 6ft silver trees from a salvage store for around $35.00 and used the same base and pole I used for the Halloween tree. Its a pretty easy project, you just need some really long zip-ties, metal pipe, outdoor umbrella stand, and your trees. on this one I used all three bottom sections, two of the middle sections and one of the top sections. You just put their pole against the metal pole and use a zip-tie to hold them in place. Once your bottom section is one you continue with the next section doing the same thing , except you will put the bottom of the new section to slide down into the branches of the previous section. Once the tree is fluffed and shaped you can hardly tell it was purchased this way.

Attack of the Outer space Reindeer...

No not really but it sounded good. This deer might have been what set off the chain of events that started me on this road to an outer space themed Christmas. I was browsing on Pinterest for Atomic Christmas ornament ideas when I ran across a post for this little atomic guy that lead me to this great post on how to make it! Luckily I had 2 deer in my attic from a few years ago and I had pretty much everything except the helmet mask. I changed a few things to fit the look of what I wanted. Instead of using the foil tape to cover the body I painted him and used the foil tape to accent his suit. I also Used a fish bowl for his helmet. I liked it so much I made two!

Fly Me to the moon...

Saturn has a nice ring to it, Lol corny huh. Really though I wanted planets of some kind on the tree but I could not find planet ornaments anywhere. The saturns that I have on the tree are made from a regular tree ball with foam board rings that I covered in glitter paper and metallic pipe cleaners.

These are pretty easy to make. The balls I used to make my planets happened to be the same width as a spray paint can lid so I used it to make the center of my rings and I measured out side of that 2 inches and cut them out of foam board and covered them with glitter paper and hot glued in to place. I trimmed them with pipe cleaners to give a more finished look.

Elton isn't the only RocketMan...

This tree called for an out of the norm tree topper, but that's not really that different from most trees I do. I really wanted Santa in a Rocket Ship but would you believe that its not a common thing people look for? I did however find an unfinished Rocket birdhouse, And that could just work. After a few coats of paint and some metallic tape and a vintage flocked Santa I had myself a pretty out of this world tree topper,. I did go back and add some star and bead picks to give him a little exhaust coming from the back. I don't think I could have searched for another year and found anything that worked out this good.

Ufo's, Space Ships, And Rocket Men O'My...

In my collection of blown glass ornaments I had a few space themed ornaments that would be perfect for this tree. Over the years space themed ornaments have always been some of my favorites. Here are some close ups of the ones I used on this tree.

Star light, Star Bright...

I need stars and rocket trails. The large gold stars came from family dollar and are actually tree toppers and the best part they were only $1.00 each. Just tuck them in the tree and they kinda hold their self in place. I also added in some tinsel picks and glitter picks to give them little trails. The rocket trails are some kind of cardboard glitter ribbon in turquoise that worked perfect to wrap around the tree. I tried a few other things using picks and nothing gave me the look I wanted. I finished the tree off with a few vintage shiny brites and retro inspired ornaments.

Out Of This World...

I hope that you have enjoyed this little trip to the Cosmos and something along the way might have inspired you to do a little crafting of your own. This was a super fun project to work on. Part Two Coming Soon. Thanks for stopping by the Kingdom today!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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