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Frozen in Time

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Working with a tree from my Favorite Tree Company Treetopia!

The perfect tree.

“When looking for a tree, quality does matter”

So first off, I won a design contest with this company a few years ago and with that prize money I purchased my first tree from them. Once the tree came in, I realized how full and thick this tree was, I knew it would be my go to tree from now on. I purchased the tree you see above "The Frozen Fir". Once I saw this tree, I knew it would be just as good as the first one I purchased and would be the perfect canvas for the idea I had in my head.

Hints on finding the Perfect Tree

When you start looking at trees be sure and look for something that has thick branches. Thick branches are going to give your tree more fullness and a more realistic look.

You are going to want something with sturdy branches. You don't want to hang your prized, passed down thru generations ornaments on a flimsy branch and have them fall to the ground in a million pieces.

Try finding a tree that has two different types of materials used to make the branches.

Not only will this give you a more realistic look but it will also add some texture.

If you go with a pre-lit tree be sure and go with one that has quality lights. Getting lights off of a pre-lit tree is not a fun game! I also say go with a tree with a ton of lights. I do love the glow of a lit tree.

Lets get that tree in shape!

“X's and +'s.”

What does an X and a Plus sign have to do with Christmas?

Well, when I shape a tree I start at the trunk of the tree and work my way from the trunk to the tip of each branch maxing x's and +'s.

When you make these shapes it can make even some of the thinnest of trees get a lil body!

Now lets make her Pretty.

For the tree above I used Vintage Shiny Brights in blue and pink mixed with some new black and champagne colored balls. Because I was going with a vintage vibe on this tree I added in some pretty great vintage inspired deer in pink and blue that a friend found for me at a great store in Texas called the .99 cents store. Of course, due to the theme in my home being Kate Spade inspired I added on some gold lame and black & white striped ribbon.

When I decorate I like to add things to the inside of the tree. The more depth you give a tree the more interesting it is. You want to create layers in your depth, try and draw the eye to the inside of the tree.

Every Queen Needs A Crown.

For this topper I chose to use a crown, This is a Kingdom anyways. I filled in the area around the crown with mirrored branches and gold manzanita branches.

The black and white striped stems with pom pom tops are a DIY project.

I took skewers and covered them with white tape then wrapped black electrical tape around them to make the stripes, then added some yarn pom poms in my colors and stuck them in.

What queen doesn't love her jewelry...

To finish off the tree I chose different type of gold floral picks and added them in anyplace I could add. Picks are just another layer of depth that can be added to a tree..

Don't forget every outfit needs a great shoe.

This year I decided to use the same tree skirt on all 7 of my trees. That is a lot of tree skirts so why not once again think outside the box. Outside the box is the best place to look!

The tree skirts are actually Table Cloths, yes, round table cloths! No need to cut them just puddle them around the bottom and when you are done fold them up and use them for your next party!

Todays lesson is BUY A QUALITY TREE when you can and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Go ahead and step outside the box Flockers, it's fun on the outside.

Live Happily Evercrafter

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