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Creating a Kate Spade Themed Christmas!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

A Christmas of Blues, Pink, Black, White, and Gold. Inspired by the whimsy of Kate Spade.

Choosing the right decorations.

“It's hard to go wrong when your inspiration is Kate!.”

Hey Flockers, there are so many ways you could go when you are doing anything Kate Spade inspired, I chose to go with fun animals mixed with oversized balls and black and white striped ribbon.

Creating an interesting cluster.

What do I mean by an interesting cluster? Well, I have this rule that when you use a lot of ball ornaments on a tree that you must put something fun in the middle of it. I start by hanging all of one color ball on the tree, then all of the next along the side of the first until I get the perfect cluster area. Then right in the middle of that cluster I place one of my Fun Ornaments. In the case of this tree I used my animals.

“Add some DIY”
This tree required black and white ornaments. I could not afford to buy any of the black and white ornaments I found online so I found the next best thing... A LOCAL ARTIST!!! Yes, support your local talent. This young lady by the name of Sunny Pierre hand painted black and white balls and two tone pink and two tone blue balls for this tree. If your going to shell out money for something then support someone local. Most of the local talent never get enough support or acknowledgment so when you have a chance show them they matter! Here is the link to the young lady I used.

So this is my Kate Spade tree, it turned out just as great as I hoped it would. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and remember do your thing and support the local talent when you can! Until Next Time Flockers!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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