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Wait a Minute Mr.Postman

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

A Vintage Inspired Valentine Tree, adorned with vintage cards and mail boxes.

The tree above is decorated in what looks like vintage Valentine's cards and mail boxes. To get these cards I didn't scavenge the thrifts, I turned to the computer...

“In some cases a good printer and glitter can be your best friend.”

Creating your own oversized Valentine Cards.

What I did is searched for vintage valentine cards, copied and pasted into Microsoft Word and made them a half page size so I could fit two per page. I wanted them to be thick enough to not bend so I used card stock. Once you have all your cards printed just cut them out using your scissors then add glitter glue to the areas that you want and let them dry. I found no need to wire them on the tree, I just stuck them in the tree and they seemed to stay just fine.

Mailboxes and Envelopes

Target's Dollar Spot always comes thru for me. I was able to find little metal mailboxes in pink and blue, and over sized felt envelopes in the same colors so I stuck them in the tree right along with the cards. The mail boxes stayed in without any wire but the envelopes seemed to kinda flop over so I put two pieces of card stock inside each envelope and they stood up just fine.

Stupid Cupid

Of course no Valentine Tree would be complete without a cupid!

So I found the cutest cupid I could find and turned to my Printer and Computer again. I used the same process of copy and paste but this time I cropped the cupid into two sections the top and the bottom. Once I cropped him, I then took both sections and enlarged them to a full-size sheet of paper and printed them. Once printed I cut them out and glued them on to a piece of foam board and then cut them out again so now they had a sturdy back. The only downside was you could see the foam board edge, lucky for me I had some red thin garland that I glued around the edge.. Finished him off with some glitter for sparkle and Ta-Da I now have a great topper! Of course to finish off the tree I grabbed every white and red sparkly pick i could find and shoved them.. One can not ever have to many picks!

Remember you can print and glue and use glitter to make just about anything you want. Show me some of your best Glittered Paper Crafts!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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