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Vintage Halloween Decorations are where it's at!

Why Vintage Halloween? As I have said before there is something about things from the past that make you love them even more. When I find something that has been handmade by someone at the thrift, yard sale, or flea market it brings me so much joy. Its the fact that I know someone has spent time making something that came from their mind and done in a way they wanted it done. The love they put into it and it's like they made it for me to find at that exact time. A little Corny huh,, lol

What does the Ghost say...

Me and the Ghost have a strong connection. It seems like I find them every time I go thrifting. I feel obligated to buy them when I see them, though I don't always do it. Some are dated as early as 1971. Sometimes when a person would make these they would also add their last name or short message carved in the bottom. Most of the time the ghost will have an area in the bottom that a light can be inserted in to them to make them light up.

Four little Pumpkins jumping on the bed...

Ceramic Jack-O-Lanterns are my second love. I have three that have tops hats that were found at Estate Sales, they were made in the late 70's, but others I have came in boxes and are probably from the 80's one still had the Wal-Mart price tag on the box. I clearly love the hand maid ones more but a Jack-O-Lantern is still a Jack-O-Lantern no matter how it was made.

Ceramic Halloween Trees...

Although Ceramic Trees weren't probably a big thing for Halloween in the 70's, I needed one. I found a green tree with some damage at local flea market and decided I would buy it and make it in to a Ceramic Halloween Tree. The tree was covered in years of dust, so much that I thought the tree was actually a weird grey green color. After a good bath it turns out the tree was actually bright green with flocking on it. It only took a few coats of black spray paint to give it a new life! I added Purple and Orange lights to give it a little more spooky look.

Candy pails of all shapes and sizes...

Pumpkins, Cats, Ghost, Skeletons They come in so many different styles. When it comes to the pails the pumpkins are my favorite. They are another Item I have a hard time passing up when I see them. I feel up my China Cabinet with my favorites and I use the rest to feel in the space below a tree or a random place in the house that needs a little something!

Blow Molds, Why are they not still not readily available...

I have only found a few in the wild but I WANT MORE! It seems that maybe over the years a lot of things have been lost to storms or the extreme heat, maybe that's why blow molds are so hard to find down here. Your lucky if you find one a year for the Halloween season. I will say it seems easier to find Christmas Blow Molds so maybe my theory doesn't hold true. I have managed to find a few over the years and I cherish them like they are my kids!

So a glimpse into my Obsession with Vintage Halloween! Now that you know my why, go out and start collecting for yourself! When you find that one piece that makes you go I get it now, Share it with me! Thanks for stopping by the Kingdom.

Live Happily Evercrafter

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