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Mad Hatters Tea

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

We're All Mad Here.....

I have always love the part in Alice in Wonderland where she walks through the garden and all of the flowers come alive and start to talk to her. That was the inspiration for the centerpiece for The Mad Hatters Tea. It's made from silk flowers, egg picks, butterflies, and oddity's from Dollar Tree. I also found this great White Rabbit at Cracker Barrel. I used some baby clothes to make him an outfit and if you look in the bottom left corner you will see our very own Alice walking through the Garden...

The Mushrooms in the centerpiece came from the garden section of Hobby Lobby.

The Flower Birds are actually Ink Pens I found at Dollar Tree.. How Perfect!!

Fun Fact... Stargazers and Poppies are my Favorite Flowers

A Spot Of Tea

Of course you can't have a Tea Party without teapots! I found a few teapots that I really liked at the thrift store. I got them and used cake stands to make them stand higher than most of the flowers. I also got a few bottles, a few key, and added some "drink me" as well as "use me" tags.

Dainty little tea cups

I knew that I didn't want matching teacups or serving trays. So once again I hit one of my favorite thrifts and found everything I needed. I found several tea cups, mismatched saucers and little trays. Nothing matched and I loved it!!

Off with Her Head

I really wanted to play off of that line. I figured I would find some vintage mannequin heads and use some hats on them to tie in to the Mad-Hatter. Have you ever priced vintage mannequin heads??? Well those heads are really REALLY expensive, so off to Hobby Lobby I went. I got few styrofoam heads and painted them to make my own vintage inspired heads! The hats I used for the two on each end came from a local decor store during their warehouse sale. The center one I made out of cardboard and fabric. As for the clocks I found them at Kirklands.

Stop by for tea anytime Flockers!

“We’re all quite mad here. You’ll fit right in.”

Live Happily Evercrafter

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