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It's a Fairy Take over.

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Dollar Tree Flower Fairies have taken over. What could be better than fairies? Fairies made from flowers from the Dollar Tree, that's what! You can make a ton of them for under $10 all. All you need is to purchase some thick wire, a few bunches of flowers, some yarn, and a bag of wooden beads or ping pong balls for the heads...


Step 1.

Open your wire and cut it in to 12" sections, also for every 12" section you will also need 15" section.

Step 2.

Fold all of your 12" sections in half.

Step 3.

Twist your folded 12" sections so you have a little neck at the top.

Step 4.

Take your 5" section of wire, place it between the two pieces of wire of your folded pieces and twist the folded section again. Now twist your 5" section around the other wire to make arms.

Step 5.

Take the yarn and start wrapping over the arms you have made and going down about an 1.5" down your wire body. Continue this process until you have a little torso made. If you want her to be a little more busty then add more yarn.

Step 6.

Now that her upper body is covered we can start to make her skirt. Grab your flowers and remove the petals from the stems. Now take apart all of the flowers, you want to end up with a pile of deconstructed flowers.

Step 7.

Take one of your flower sections and slide it up the wire until you get it right against the yarn torso you made. At this point you will want to use a little hot glue to hold it in place. I like to start with something small like roses near the waist of the fairy. Next, add 4 or 5 pushed close together and then add a few long ones like tiger or star gazer lilys or tulips.

Step 8.

If you are using wooden beads for your head, they will already have a hole in them. You just need to put a little hot glue in the hole and push it on the top of the little neck area we made earlier. If you're using ping pong balls, you will need to take an exact-o-knife and make a little slit for the wire to fit into.

Step 9.

Every Fairy needs wings, so you have a few options at this point. You can use the left over leaves from your bushes or you can get another bush that has a little sparkle or shimmer to it and use those. If you wanted you could make the wings from ribbon or even from petals of the flowers. I went with another leaf from a bush that had some shimmer to it and I just glued them on to her back.

Optional Step.

In the Kingdom Of The_Evercrafter we all deserve a Crown. The crowns on these fairies are actually from the wedding section of a party store. They are little rings that have little doves on them and they made the perfect little crown.

I'm going to be adding mine to an Easter project mixed with another DIY project. I hope you all go make your own Royal Court Of Flower Fairies and share them with me so I can share with others how awesome y'all are! Thanks for stopping by the Kingdom.

Live happily evercrafter

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