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A Chair for a king

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

What's up Flockers? This all started because I couldn't find any great captain chairs for my table. I am perusing Pinterest and I saw an ottoman covered in yarn pom-poms and of course I thought I have yarn, I could do that. OMG I could do that to my old ugly parsons chairs... and then the yarn pom-pom making started...

This would be the Old Ugly Parsons Chairs

After making 600 pom-poms I figured I now had enough to do my chairs. Let's go ahead and get it out there that 600 was not enough to do two chairs. It actually took about 1,500 to cover both chairs..

Shake your Pom-Pom

You can make your pom-poms with any method you know of. I tried a few before I finally went with a Pom-Pom Maker from Hobby-Lobby. It was sold in a set of 4 different sizes, I went with the 2" size.. The color of the pom-poms is completely up to you.. I knew I wanted to use any and all colors. I wanted something bright and eye catching. Although I had a lot of yarn I ended up making several trips to get supplies. I probably ended up using about 30 bundles of yarn. As you can see in the picture above I started attaching them on the front of the chair and I spaced them about an 1" 1/2 apart. To attach the pom-poms to the chair I used a Curved Upholstery Needle. When making the pom-poms, I left about 4" of yarn hanging out from where I tied up the center of the pom-pom. I took my needle and put one of the 4" pieces of yarn through the eye, then through the fabric of the slip cover, and tied in a few knots with the other 4" piece of string.

A chair is no place for a Skirt

Now that the front, back, seat, and sides are done what do I do with the skirt....

I admit my original idea was to leave the skirt and also cover it with pom-poms. By the time I reached this step in the project I had blisters and calluses on my hands and fingers from the yarn and the scissors. Al of this drove me to to go with plan B (I had no plan B)!

I decided I would just cut off the extra fabric and staple the left over to the bottom of the chair. Be sure and use lots of staples so that when you sit on the chair it doesn't come un-stapled. I thought about maybe adding some ball fringe or something but I didn't want it to be to over the top. Sometimes simpler is better or at lest that what the Hubs tells me :-)

Though I used a lot of yarn and it took what seemed like years, I think it turned out better than anything I could have purchased.

When you can't find it,Just Make it Flockers!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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