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Where the green grass grows..

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Create Placemats and a Table Runner from a remnant of Astro Turf.

Whats UP You Flockers! Look today I have a project for you that is Super Easy, Super Fast, and has a High Impact Effect, all of this on a small budget. No.. really.. like an Under $10 Budget. So Get ya stuff and lets get to it!


  • Remnant of Astro Turf. (size will depend on the amount you want to make, I got my from Lowes)

  • A Square edge tool

  • White chalk

  • Razor knife or sharp scissors

Step One

Measure your table so you will know what size placemats and table runner will fit on your table. This step will be different for everyone due to all of our tables being a different size. Remember that what works for my table might not be what works for your table. If you have a round table you might come up with something completely different than I did, That doesn't mean your doing it wrong.

My table is 48'w by 82"l and I have 6 chairs. I went in to this project knowing I had some 12" round plate chargers that I wanted to use and I only wanted a little bit of green to show around them so I went with 15" x 15" squares for my placemats. When I was figuring out the sizes for everything I knew that if I used two placemats at 15" each that they would take up 30" of my width, that would leave me 18" to work with for my runner. There needed to be space between the runner and placemats so I made my runner 14" wide leaving me 4" of room to play with for placement. For the length of the runner I needed to take in to account that the placemats would also take up 30" of my 82" in length, so now I have 52" to work with so I went with 48" length on my runner as to leave room between the runner and the placemats. Once again remember the measurements I used might not work for your table and that's OK, I'm just here to help guide you along the way.

Step Two

Now that you have your sizes for everything worked out open your astro turf and lay it with the backside facing up. Take your framing square and measure out your table runner using the straight sides of your turf, Using your white chalk to draw it all out. Once you have it measured out go ahead and measure out your placemats and use your chalk to draw it out.

Step Three

Using your scissors or your razer knife go ahead and cut out your placemats and table runner. I used Scissors and it worked fine, some prefer to use the razer knife so they don't dull down the scissors. Once you have cut everything out you have finished all the hard work.

Finished Placemat

Step Four

Place your runner on your table and make sure its located where you want it, if it is then go head and add your placemats and just like that your done!

I told y'all this was a Super Easy, Super Cheap, High Impact Project, now go get to makein!

If you decided to do this project or something similar ,Please share your projects with me so I can see what a talented flock I have!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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