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Throw Me something mister...

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

An Upside Down Tree???

Whats the word Flockers? NO, Your not crazy this tree is upside down. Going into the project all I knew was it had to be out of the "Norm". After a few online searches the Treetopia's Knocked Upside Down Tree popped up, it is as far from the norm as it can get. I actually thought I might have been losing it by deciding on this tree. Well, honestly I lost it along time ago but that's another story.

The Idea hits me..

Sometimes my Mind just goes blank y'all, like completely void of any ideas. Then out of the blue the light bulb goes off, and i'm like oh make it look like a big ole float! I put up the tree and pull out all of the Mardi Gras Decorations and started to drown the tree in everything that was purple, green, or gold. Got the tree all dressed up and it's just not doing it for me, I feel like it needs more things that hang maybe. It's missing that something that makes you go ohhh ahhh when you see a float. There goes that Light Bulb again, TADA it needs BEADS! LOTS OF BEADS!!

Who is behind that mask!

You cant have Mardi Gras with out a mask, So Mission Mask commenced. Big mask, small mask, any mask you name it was on the list. I got as many as possible and tucked them all through the tree. Fleur De Lis are a must, and they are everywhere around here. Large and small Fleur De Lis hang all around the tree. The mask and Fleur De Lis are made from everything from paper mache' to plastic.

Throw Me Something..

Every float needs a rider to throw those beads, who better than a Jester. Really wanted it to look like he was siting on top of the float ready to throw his beads to the best parade goer. He is a little top heavy so he needed to be wired on top to make sure he didn't fall over. Once he was secure, I started to fill in around him with some fun picks and crown tree toppers. No he gets to sit and watch, while waiting on someone to catch his eye so he can throw them some beads.

What about the rest of the house..

The tree was done but it felt like the dining room needed a little something. It seemed a little naked. I found some great 2ft Mardi Gras table top trees and some left over beads and a manzanita tree. I figured the manzanita tree would work in the center of the table and maybe throw some beads on it, and flank it with these two great plaster jesters That I completely forgot about having. Added some gold charges with beads scattered on them to the table, and it was finally looking like a party.

The always in the way blue server need some help too. When I found the two Jesters that are on the table, also hiding in that closet with them were the two masks used on the server. Mix the mask with some tinsel trees and a message board, and BAM you have a great sever set up.

Thanks you for checking out my Mardi Gras ideas. I hope you have enjoyed getting to see my Upside Down Mardi Gras Tree. Maybe I have inspired you to try something new like I did with this tree. If you like my ideas and want to try it for yourself go do it and tag me in it so I can share it and show everyone how great my Flock is!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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