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Día de los Muertos

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

My Glam take on a Holiday that is filled with so much meaning.

Not only is this a nontraditional take on Día de los Muertos , it was also done on a tight budget. 90% of the items used for this project are DIY projects from Dollar Tree!

“We all love to live a Glam life but our budget doesn't always agree”

Every Día de los Muertos celebration has an altar. The purpose of an altar is to place pictures of your loved ones who have moved on. It honors them and keeps them from fading away. Let's them know they are still important and thought of.

This is the altar I built. It was built to honor my Mother, my husbands Father and my Greyhound
This is the altar I built. It was built to honor my Mother, my husbands Father and my Greyhound

The Flower arch is built from foam board and fake flower bushes all from Dollar Tree.

The dog skeleton came from Dollar General and I hand stoned him with rhinestone ribbon from the Dollar Tree.

This guy is the big money project. I once again hand stoned the entire skeleton. I got a vintage frame, painted it black, and added some stone work. The skeleton is attached with two bolts (one long and one short) to make him look as if he is coming through the mirror/picture. The hat I purchased from costume shop and I made the bow tie. In total the skeleton cost about $25 to make. I saw a similar one online that runs $350.

The rhinestone ribbon I used all thru this project can be purchased by the case from Dollar Tree.

The Tree...

Although not traditional I wanted to have a tree. The tree is decorated with ceramic skulls that were adorned with flowers and turned in to ornaments. The spiders were all hand stoned. The ball ornaments are a DIY trick I learned from The Slumbering Alligator. A few small floral clusters and mirrors would help finish off this tree.

Plastic spiders hand stoned with rhinestones from Dollar Tree. In a Big Box store this could cost $20 or more and I made it for $3.00

These ceramic skulls were stand alone decorations not tree ornaments. The colors were right so I made them in to what I needed. The four flowers on the top with the rhinestone loop to hang it from. This was a $2 project, I made 15 so total I only spent about $18.

I couldn't find orange or yellow ornaments at any of my local shops. I decided to make my own! These were made from clear craft ornaments and latex balloons. It's a DIY I picked up from a fellow blogger.

Lets top it off!

For a topper I used the following; 1 large skull, 2 small skulls, flowers, and a cheap costume necklace I turned in to a tiara. Lastly I added a spiderweb door decoration from Dollar Tree.

I wanted this to look like a head piece that would be worn at a festival. Of course I can't just go buy a topper like this at the store. Everything used for this came from Dollar Tree except for the small necklace I used to make the tiara. I just had to think outside the box.

I hope this helps to inspire you Flockers to go out and do a glam DIY take on something for yourself. If you do please share it with me, I love to see what y'all are up to!

Live Happily Evercrafter

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